National dishes

Pomoravlje, as any place in the world, has its own traditional dishes made by our grandmothers and mothers by the recipes passed down for generations and even centuries.

Our guests can opt for a full or half board, or dishes of their choice. Why are our dishes different and healthy?

Foods we use are completely fresh, mostly from our garden or orchards, while cooked meals are always prepared on a wood stove. Full flavor and distinctive scent of fruits and vegetables is thanks to their growth under local, most natural conditions, without application of chemicals. For example, the apples from our garden are edible the moment you pick them. Quite nice and cool, right?

Homemade bread is one of the tastiest national specialties – hand-kneaded and baked on a wood stove. Its scent is something one never forgets, and the experience of tasting it leaves you inevitably happy.

Those who love seafood specialties will be delighted to visitor hear about a nearby lake rich in various species of fish, such as: catfish, barbel, pumice, and of course, the king of fish – carp. We have become highly skilled in preparation of fish specialties in many nice ways, and we always recommend a highly popular ”Drunk carp” – the specialty of Morava Garden. If you like, you can catch fish by yourself or join us while making the fish soup in a pot in the yard.

For those who like strong-flavored food or meat, we offer a vast number of cooked home-made meals or baked/roast meat specialties.