Top tourist attractions

Aqua park, Jagodina

Visit Jagodina and enjoy the Aqua Park, and after extensive swimming come to Morava Garden where will be waiting for your delicious lunch, hot soup or stew, homemade bread, fresh vegetables from the garden, roasted chicken with potatoes, steak with vegetables, pie for dessert, pancakes with homemade jam and lot‘s more beautiful you can complement your home. For more information about Aqua Park visit (

Our little pool in the field

If you want complete peace and a real pleasure, you can enjoy a small pool in the garden and sunbathe with the sound of birds and the smell of nature. Is there anything more beautiful? 🙂

Boat ride

Have you ever sailed a boat in complete silence, enjoying the beauty of the moment? You can take a book, we‘ll make you a coffee and you can sail the river, time will stop.

Indoor swimming pool in Končarevo’s wellness spa

Near the the Morava Garden is open and an indoor pool, a spa and wellness center.

 Monastery of Jošanica

14th century Monastery of Jošanica, legacy of Tsar Lazar, and Church of St. Nikola (

Museum of naive art and wax figures in Jagodina

The first museum of naive art in Serbia, founded in 1960. The collection counts around 2,500 works paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints. For more information, visit

Museum of  wax figures in Jagodina

The museum is one of six museums in Europe and the first in Serbia with the characters of domestic history. It spreads over 450 m2 and has 29 figures in the permanent exhibition. Until now, the museum is visited by 50 000 people. (

Jagodina’s Zoo

Zoo park contains 250 species. For more information about the garden, visit the official site:

Vineyards and wine cellars

For wine lovers, here wine is made in the tradition of the old masters. Visiting and wine tasting in the wine cellar is certainly the experience that is very precious…walk among the vineyards, enjoying a warm sunny day. There is Jagodina’s winery that has existed since 1897 and a number of private wine cellars. In vino veritas!

Fishing, Končarevo

Enjoy fishing in one of the lakes around Morava Garden or on the river Morava. Family Petrović is experienced in fishing and will share with you their experiences and advise you about is the best location for fishing. In the garden we have a small lake with fish and small frogs, and if you have children they will find their own form of entertainment, we are sure 🙂