Where we are

Morava Garden is situated in Serbia, on the shore of the river Velika Morava, in Končarevo village, right at the heart of Pomoravlje, near Jagodina and only 3 km from Ćuprija. By changes in river flow regime, the older parts of Predor village and Končarevo united, and Morava Garden is located only 100m away from the village center and 20m from the riverside.

The village center abounds in many interesting shops and souvenir stores, a small local market with fresh foods and a pharmacy; on the opposite side, you are free to use the brand new basketball courts, a football field and football small fields.

The easiest way to reach us (and Jagodina) is by train. The railroad to go by connects Belgrade to Athens. We are always happy to give you a warm welcome at the station. It is nice to know that the town of Jagodina is only 10 minutes by car from Morava Garden. You can also go by bus or take a cab at very reasonable prices.

GPS coordinates Morava Garden are : 43 58′ 40.20″ N    /    21 19′ 49.05″ E