Countryside vacation

Overwhelming feeling of peace in Morava Garden

Preoccupied with our everyday worries and duties, we are constantly in search of a place to hide, take a break and gather some strength to renew our body and mind. As many have said, the key to a healthy life is in a balanced and steady relationship with Nature.And our perfect key is Morava Garden – nature’s true paradise. Why not join us to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery, friendly gatherings, most peaceful moments, many long walks and recreational activities for some nice thoughts and clarity of mind? Let the positive energy overflow you. With us, it’s always simple and easy.

Our beautiful oasis is the result of both hard work and love. Morava Garden’s spacious yard is nothing like geometrical parks of most cities or towns. Here, each plant has its own natural place, and by no means did we want to change that. Our garden is one of those special meeting places of most diverse plants and fish in the pond. Exotic and sweet, you have to admit.

Although always true to good old tradition, we are also happy to follow some new ways of meeting your wishes and tastes, making you truly pleased and comfortable and have you back for more…sometimes, just a few days with us is more than enough to be truly happy.